Smart City – Public Standard Charging Infrastructure

The city of the future is low-emission and connected. The number of electric cars in Germany’s municipalities is growing. The goal of the german federal government is to have seven to ten million electric vehicles registered by 2030. Increasingly, users of electric cars expect a suitable infrastructure – on average, one and a half standard charging points are needed per electric vehicle in order to expand the transport transformation in a pragmatic and service-oriented way.

With ubitricity’s open standard charging infrastructure for public spaces, you and your municipality are prepared for the future in several ways:

  • Smooth integration: Our scalable charging solutions are quick and easy to install in about 1 hour.
  • No large construction sites: The charging points are easily retrofitted into existing or new lampposts and street furniture and keep civil engineering work to an absolut minimum.
  • Economically thought out: Investment and operating costs are permanently low. There are close to non running costs when the charge points are not in use.

ubitricity stands for complete compatibility and openess. Our technology is also compatible with other charging systems.

  • Designed to last: The discreet product design is robust and safe from vandalism in the long term. The charge points blend modestly into the urban architecture.
  • Without interruption: The power supply to the charging points is guaranteed even when the street light is switched off.
  • No designated parking spaces necessary: With a dense area-wide standard charging infrastructure, parking management is simplified. Nearly every lamp post can be a charge point!

How the ubitricity lamp post charge point works:

  • Charging power: up to 25 A
  • 1-phase (up to 5.8 kW)
  • 3-phase (up to 11 kW)
  • Protection technology: DC fault current sensor integrated

More details are to be found under:

Low Voltage, Low Cost, Low Carbon Footprint

Secure the benefits for both, the municipalities and the EV drivers when charging via lampposts:

  • Suitable for everyday use: ideal for charging when cars are parked anyway, for example overnight or while working
  • Grid- and user-friendly: slow charging with low voltage not only eases the load on the power grid but also protects the car battery and extends its service life
  • Resource-saving: low material consumption due to the compact solution and integration into existing street furniture – and thus also scalable across the board at low cost
  • Environmentally friendly: less energy consumption and CO2 emissions during production and transport compared to larger charging stations

Competent advice from our team

With our products and solutions, we drive sustainable urban development – the expansion of the Smart City is our passion. Get comprehensive and competent advice: on user behavior and expectations of EV drivers, on the process (from planning to installation) and on maintenance and costs to prepare your city for tomorrow.

Electric Avenue in London: ubiquitous charging infrastructure for an entire city district

Climate neutral by 2050: In the UK, all emissions are to be captured by systems that offset an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere over the next 30 years.

With the charging solutions from ubitricity, a public charging infrastructure was created for the London district of Westminster in partnership with Siemens Energy Management that is exceptional.

On Electric Avenue, W9 alone, 24 lamp post charge points are available in street lights. With almost 300 discreet and cost-saving lamppost charging points, the district is a pioneer in the UK and offers drivers of electric vehicles a convenient energy network throughout the area, which is to be expanded to 1000 by 2022.

In a city that suffers from some of the worst air pollution in the country, we need to support the shift to green technology as much as possible. Electric Avenue, W9 gives us a glimpse into the future of streets in Westminster, where we hope to provide the infrastructure our residents need to switch to cleaner, greener transport.

Councillor Andrew Smith
Westminster City Council Cabinet Member for Environment & Highways

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