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About ubitricity

ubitricity stems from “ubiquitous electricity” and it’s the company’s mission to provide “Electricity, for Everyone, Everywhere” through its range of intelligent solutions for charging and billing electric cars. ubitricity identified that low carbon energy systems would require a new approach to data capture and systems control. Besides the open standard charging infrastructure, directly accessible by everyone, ubitricity also brings the EV into the center of the value creation of charging with the flexibility potential of the battery. ubitricity is well-known for the compact and robust retrofitted lamp post EV charge points. The in-column outlets make a fast-roll out of a dense EV charging infrastructure possible without extensive civil works. Since early 2021, ubitricity is a member of the Shell Group as wholly owned subsidiary.


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Lamppost Charger

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Charging EV

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Public Charge Point

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