New cooperation between GASAG and ubitricity

9. January 2018Press releases
New cooperation between GASAG and ubitricity

GASAG introduces products for more electric mobility in Berlin – counting on ubitricity

The Berlin energy services provider GASAG has recognised the trend of electric mobility and is now offering a favourable mobile electricity tariff and advantageous charging infrastructure in cooperation with ubitricity, a charging and billing expert for electric mobility. Electric mobility is becoming increasingly popular especially in cities and urban areas. To accelerate its implementation, it makes sense to plan ahead with the suitable charging infrastructure. In cities, where a majority of residents live in apartment buildings, this has so far been a challenge.

Together, GASAG and ubitricity are looking to advance electric mobility especially in cities. Thanks to the cooperation of the two partners, users can now purchase an intelligent charging cable with a bundled mobile electricity contract. The mobile electricity contract works just like a normal electricity contract. It includes a monthly base fee of € 9.90 and a price per kilowatt hour of € 0.30/kWh. Charging transactions can then be registered and billed down to the kWh at the respective charging spots thanks to the mobile electricity meter integrated into the cable. The customers take their mobile electricity tariff along to the charging spot and profit from full transparency (

However, charging in public areas is only one aspect of the topic – after all, 80% of all charging transactions take place at home or at work. For these situations, GASAG and ubitricity are offering a possibility to install cost-efficient charging spots in private areas. Especially for residents in apartment buildings and corporate EVs users, the combination of an intelligent charging cable and a matching charging spot is the first possibility to get started with electric mobility: the SimpleSockets are easy to install and the intelligent charging cable allows for exact billing of the electricity costs to the user, avoiding any additional energy costs for the charge point provider. GASAG customers can order their tailor-made solution as a one-stop shop – pre-check and activation of the charging spot included.

„With our leasing product for the electric smart, we at GASAG have already shown our commitment to the energy and traffic transition. For our customers as well as for the city of Berlin”, says Matthias Trunk, member of the managing board. He continues: “We are very excited to offer a new field of products and services with ubitricity, making electric mobility accessible for everyone.”

“The city of Berlin is our home – which is why we care especially for Berlin. We are very happy that GASAG has opted for us to enhance their product portfolio in this future market and are looking forward to the cooperation”, underlines Dr. Frank Pawlitschek, CEO of ubitricity.


GASAG is a leading grid manager and energy service provider, focussing on the region of Berlin and Brandenburg. Aside from providing gas and green electricity to more several hundred thousands of private and corporate customers, GASAG and associated companies offer a wide range of energy services for real estate companies, building companies and private home owners. Products range from efficiency solutions and smart home applications to supply concepts for complete districts. GASAG AG was founded 170 years ago is an official partner of the city of Berlin and has agreed to the obligation to reduce COemissions by two million tons by 2020.

About ubitricity

The ubitricity Mobile Charging System offers the first possibility to roll out scalable charging infrastructure almost anywhere. To do this ubitricity developed its smart charging cable to perform all metering and billing technology, via the user’s mobile electricity contract. The discrete, low-profile charging spots produce next to no running costs and can be installed practically anywhere: a wall, a bollard or even integrated into an existing streetlight. The user portal then offers a transparent overview of all transaction data, with ubitricity managing charging and transaction data.

For further information please contact:

Ursula Luchner, press speaker of GASAG AG

Phone: + 49 30/ 7872-3040


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