Full-service solutions to expand your EV infrastructure

Full-service solutions to expand your EV infrastructure

Adaptability, cost efficiency and integration: the key combination for a successful and fast electric mobility transition. Find out how ubitricity enables you to get there with its full-service and interoperable solutions for the implementation of public lamp post charge points.

ubitricity is a charge point operator (CPO) and offers a flexible full-service package that starts with the initial consultation about the possibilities in your city and extends throughout the entire life cycle of a charge point.

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ubitricity’s approach is to offer a cost-efficient mix of hardware, software, and services according to your expectations to ensure your charge points are highly adaptable to changes in customer needs and market conditions.

Planning to Commissioning

1) Consultation & Planning

We present you the advantages of lamp post charging and help you answer the key strategic questions to set you on the right track and get the most from your investment in charging infrastructure.

  • Setting targets: How can providing EV charging help achieve your city to reach your climate goals?
  • Quantity: Which locations should you deploy charge points in what density and priority?
  • Funding: Expand your budget further by making the most of available funding and subsidy schemes and use different payment options including lease-style purchasing.

Thinking about potential funding?

The On-street Residential charge point Scheme (ORCS) provides grant funding for local authorities in the UK to install residential on-street charge points. 

In addition, we offer to match your council’s goals with the ability to implement lamp post charging points. We offer to cover the difference between the 75% contribution from OZEV and the remaining cost of the project.

2) Installation & Activation

Installing charge points is a small construction project. By utilizing existing infrastructure, we minimize the effort, time and costs of installing a new charge point.

  • Site assessment: We analyze if the existing technical setting appropriate for the installation.
  • Installation: We provide the tools and solutions to ensure a successful installation. 
  • Commissioning: With on-site commissioning, we speed up the process to make the charge point available for everyone. 

Ongoing Operation

3) Utilisation & Statistics

By operating our charge points with a broad portfolio of services, we can optimize their performance and have a close relation with you and your users

  • Monitoring: ubitricity constantly checks if charge points are available and ready to use.
  • Reporting: We provide comprehensive reports that allow you to evaluate the level of accomplishment of your objectives and plan for further roll-outs.
  • Payments: Manage payment, accounting, billing, and revenue collection from drivers using your charge points.

4) Customer Service & Maintenance

With our customer support & maintenance solutions, we make sure that your customer can charge easily.

  • Customer support: ubitricity offers 24/7 customer support via phone & email to help users throughout their charging experience.
  • Upgrades & Updates: We provide over the air deployments of functionality updates to help you meet your objectives.
  • Maintenance & Repairs: Our team of technicians is ready to maintain your charge points and repair them should issues appear.

Interested in installing EV lamp post charge points in your city?

We offer specific solutions for different countries to fulfil all local standards.
Check out our lamp post charge points for your country:

Your city needs more than just lamp post charge points?
As part of the Shell Group, ubitricity is able to offer charging solutions for every need, including all kinds of AC and DC charge points. Contact us and we’ll be happy to sort out the best solution for you.

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