Find your local charge point this (F)RE(E)CHARGE DAY

26. August 2020UK
Find your local charge point this (F)RE(E)CHARGE DAY

Now this is progress! Electric cars now come:

  1. in many shapes and sizes
  2. at lower price points (not cheap, but certainly less expensive than before, especially when leased)
  3. with bigger, better batteries.

So three big challenges stopping many people from jumping into an EV – choice, price, range – aren’t nearly as big anymore.

This World EV Day, we want to see if we can solve the fourth big challenge, for you, for FREE!

Read on to see what it is and why we’re so excited.

The fourth challenge

After choice, price and range, there’s one big challenge that still plagues many would-be EV drivers. It mainly afflicts drivers who have to park in the street (or street parkers as we fondly call them). Let’s call it…


Charge Chore (yes, that’s now a thing) is brought on by the condition known as No Driveway (also a thing). Without the ability to charge at home (ideally overnight while the driver sleeps), refueling an EV involves the chore of driving somewhere to recharge.

And because it takes far longer to recharge an EV than to “re-petrol” a combustion engine car, Charge Chore isn’t something anyone really looks forward to.

Aah, what about rapid charging…?

Well even rapid chargers take some 20 to 30 minutes to recharge a modern EV. Plus travel time. And waiting time if the charger(s) is (are) occupied already.

And longer if you want a 100% charge. Most EVs are programmed to dramatically slow the charge speeds once their battery reaches 80% full. (Always check the small print!)

Sure, rapid chargers are better than no chargers. And they can be life saver if you have to go somewhere and don’t have enough charge to get there.

But for everyday charging, having to rapid charge all the time is a bitter pill to swallow. Because besides the chore factor, they’re often quite expensive to use.

So let’s treat the cause rather than the symptom.

Don’t stress. The plugs are coming…

The number of EV charge points installed in the streets where street-parking would-be EV drivers live is rising fast. Really fast. As in more than 50 a week fast! That’s fast, don’t you think?


Well councils have air quality targets to hit. In many towns and cities, road transport is the biggest source of harmful air pollution. Councils know that the quicker their residents swap their polluting combustion-engined cars for EVs, the faster their air quality will improve.

That’s why it makes sense for councils to make charging easier and cheaper for their residents without driveways – the street parkers. Street Parkers are typically 40% of drivers.  (The driveway-blessed can take care of themselves).

Make charging easy and they will change. Who knew! Smart councils, that’s who.

Okay, how?

By installing ubitricity charge points inside the lampposts right outside street parkers’ homes.

By bringing charge points to where people park their cars already, councils empower (get it?) street parkers to enjoy the charging convenience of overnight charging.

As a bonus, using the lamppost as an EV charge point is the cheapest way to install a on-street charge point. So they can be low cost to use. Not as low cost as charging via your home electricity supply, but close.

BOOM! Another barrier to EVs solved. Cheaply.

Hiding in plain sight

Now take another look at the lampposts in your street.  You might find some already host ubitricity charge points.

One of the great things about our charge points is they are discreet. They blend in so well, that if you weren’t looking for them, you probably wouldn’t know they were there.

Unfortunately, it means would-be EV drivers often don’t realise they’re there either. So the threat of CHARGE CHORE delays their switch to an EV. And that’s no good for air quality. Or much else for that matter.

How to find your local charge point

So if you’re thinking of going EV, or have gone EV and often drive somewhere to recharge, take a closer look at your lampposts this World EV Day.

Follow these steps.

  • Physical: If you see a little blue light and a Type 2 socket, well done. You’ve found an ubitricity charge point. If you can, plug in! It’s free to charge on 9 September, World EV Day. But only on World EV Day!
  • Digital: Can’t find one or want to find more? Think digital. Take a look on ZapMap, or our ubimap, and see how many are in your neighbourhood.
  • Campaign: If you still can’t find one, get in touch with your council and ask them to get some ubitricity charge points. Many councils have a page on their website where residents can request an on-street charge point.
  • Collaborate: Still no joy? Put your details in this form and we’ll get in touch with your council. We can’t promise anything, but we’ll do our utmost to work with your council to get one installed for you.

In the meantime, happy World EV Day. And FREECHARGE DAY.

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