June 25, 2018

New York City’s Mayor de Blasio has challenged the tech industry to develop solutions for New York City’s EV charging infrastructure.

The challenge, in partnership with NYC’s Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer, was initiated by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, NYC’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services, and NYC’s Department of Transportation.

Naturally this was an invitation we did not want to miss out on, and we sent a delegation, headed by Knut Hechtfischer, to demonstrate the abilities of the ubitricity charging solution.

We are proud to announce that our mobile metering solution which allows for space-saving charging points such as retro-fit lampposts and slim wallboxes has been selected as one of the six finalists.

Knut Hechtfischer, Founder & Senior Advisor Strategic Corporate Development & Finance: “We are delighted to be participating in the NYCx Challenge which will allow us to showcase ubitricity’s truly unique EV charging solution, retrofitting charge points into the humble street light. We’re very excited to participate in the finals of the NYCx Challenge and can’t wait to see how our solution plays out in the streets of New York!”

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