January 3, 2018

A great number of electric vehicles in the UK will one day have to be charged away from home – many British households do not have access to private charging spaces. This leaves British cities with the challenge to roll out charging infrastructure that’s publically accessible – the Financial Times has protrayed five ways to solve the problem.

Obviously, one possible solution is the ubitricity MobileCharging system, which makes it possible to install charging spots in street lights, as has been done with a considerable number of lamp posts in London. These charging points are easy to install and to access.

Another option would be the installation of inductive charge pads in the streets, or rolling out fast chargers at petrol stations where EV drivers can charge their cars in about thirty minutes. Also, some major employers in the UK are currently testing to put up charge points at office grounds, enabling employees to charge at work. Battery swapping would be another idea to solve the problem.

The full article can be accessed in the premium section of the Financial Times online.