One mobile meter – thousands of new possibilities

Charging infrastructure is expensive, electricity meters are stationary and a charging cable is just a cable? What would happen if you completely rethink electromobility?

ubiMeter is showing every day what happens when you rethink electric mobility, demonstrating the possibilities created from this new way of thinking. Moving the business model from the charging station to the car can already be implemented today with mobile metering technology.

EV-centric value creation

Technology licenses for OEMs and countries

  • Focus on the EV battery as energy storage
  • Free choice of electricity supplier
  • Key technology as access to the energy market

The SmartCable as one example

The intelligent charging cable with mobile electricity meter

In contrast to conventional charging cables, a mobile, calibrated electricity meter and SIM card are integrated in the SmartCable. This makes two things possible: One the one hand, charging processes can be recorded to the exact kilowatt hour. On the other hand, a suitable power contract can be concluded for the cable, something that was previously only possible for the whole house. This means that the SmartCable can be used to charge at all charge points of the MobileCharging system at this mobile electricity tariff. The exact amount of electricity you have actually charged is billed every month.

  • Automatic authentication at the charging spot
  • Exact recording of the charged electricity down to the kWh
  • Highest data security ensured by using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Compatible with all standard charging infrastructure
  • Can be integrated into electric vehicles (on-board metering)

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