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Inside or outdoors, one, two, or many electric vehicles, with or without separate billing: ubitricity is an expert on different charging requirements and will find the right solution for you as well.


Charging without separate billing

For users who do not need exact and separate billing of the charging transactions yet, the SimpleSocketStart is the right solution. At the SimpleSocketStart, users with a standard charging cable can charge electricity billed with the domestic electricity meter. If the need for transaction-based billing should arise, the software can be upgraded to a SimpleSocket.

  • Charging with conventional charging cable
  • Available in 4,6 & 11 kW
  • No authorisation required


The charge point for your SmartCable and exact billing

For users in need of exact and separate billing of all charging transactions, the SimpleSocket is the right system solution. Charging transactions are metered precisely by the SmartCable with the integrated mobile electricity meter. All charging transactions are allocated and billed according to the conditions of the mobile electricity contract.

  • Charging with SmartCable
  • Available in 4,6 & 11kW
  • Authorisation with SmartCable


Easy charging – with SmartCable and conventional charging cable

As an addition, this charging spot is equipped with the DirectAccess functionality, which enables time-based charging for users with a standard charging cable. Payment and authorisation of these charging transactions are done online via a mobile device: users scan a QR code attached to the charging spot and enter their billing information. Users with a SmartCable charge to the normal conditions of their tariff just like at normal SimpleSockets.

  • Charge with SmartCable or conventional charging cable
  • Available 4,6 & 11kW
  • Authorisation with SmartCable or for time-based charging with smartphone online

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Your requirements are diverse – as is our MobileCharging system

For private or corporate customers: ubitricity has developed convincing charging solutions based on our own experiences and those of our customers. These can always be adapted to your individual requirements – without further ado. Can’t believe it?
See for yourself:

The installation variants

The right charging spot for every location

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Individual solutions need good consulting. You can count on ubitricity’s know-how and experience. We walk the walk to the right solution for charging infrastructure and billing with you.

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