Economically feasible and scalable charging infrastructure

The future of mobility will be electric. This calls for a sustainable solution for charging infrastructure. But conventional charging spots are expensive to buy and maintain – making their economic sustainability dependent on their workload and impeding a ubiquitous roll-out of charging infrastructure. The ubitricity charging spots are different: technologically reduced to the minimum, smaller and cheaper, they are the perfect solution to this challenge. And what’s more: they are compatible with already-existing charging infrastructure.

cost reduction up to 90 %

Conventional charging infrastructure is expensive to buy and to maintain. ubitricity has reduced the charging spot to the minimum. This makes the SimpleSockets especially economic and enables a ubiquitous roll-out of charging infrastructure.

Adaptable technology

ubitricity charging spots are available in different installation variants – a suitable solution for every situation. At a wall, on a pole or even integrated into a lamp post – charging spots can be installed practically everywhere with ubitricity.

Accessible for all users

No matter whether users charge with a standard charging cable or with a ubitricity SmartCable: our different billing options enable everyone to charge at ubitricity infrastructure.

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On-street charging

In many urban areas, tenants are forced to park and charge in the streets due to a lack of parking possibilities. With ubitricity, these drivers can be included in the electric mobility revolution.

Green electricity for green cities

Electric mobility and renewable energies belong together. Enable your citizens to charge with a SmartCable – they can close a green electricity contract with a provider of their choice and charge green electricity at all ubitricity charging spots.

Get in touch

Rolling out ubiquitous charging infrastructure is easy if you cooperate with an experienced partner like ubitricity. We’re glad to get in touch and develop the perfect solution for you.

The MobileCharging system

Quick and easy roll-out of ubiquitous charging infrastructure

The affordable charging spot

The SimpleSocket

The SimpleSocket

Charge and bill comfortably with mobile electricity meter and mobile electricity contract.

Electricity contract to go

The SmartCable

The SmartCable

Charge, wherever and whenever you want. Always a fitting solution. With all-inclusive service.

Transparent billing

The ConnectivityManager

The ConnectivityManager

Many possibilities – and a good overview. Exact billing and security.

The installation variants

The right charging spot for every location

A milestone for electric mobility: ubitricity in London

A city on its way to sustainable charging infrastructure

Creating charging infrastructure in residential areas where citizens can’t install charging spots in their own houses our garages is a challenge not only for London. Residents in those areas usually park in the streets, beneath street lights. The ubitricity installation variants make it possible to create wall-mounted or stand-alone charging spots – but also street-light integrated charging infrastructure. The advantages are obvious: small, affordable charging spots that can be installed quickly and independently from their workload open up electric mobility to those who didn’t have access to charging infrastructure before.

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Individual solutions need good consulting. You can count on ubitricity’s know-how and experience. We walk the walk to the right solution for charging infrastructure and billing with you.

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