ubitricity’s Mobile Charging System

Get green power anywhere you go, charged to a single account. Just stop at one of the many charging spots – the smart system takes care of the rest.

Less is more: the ubitricitySimpleSocket.

Far more than a simple charging cable: the ubitricity SmartCable.

Simple, secure, at a glance: the Connectivity Manager.

Whether contracts, charging volumes or the nearest SimpleSocket – all relevant data are just a few clicks away with our web portal.

Die neue Generation des Ladens: das Mobile Charging System von ubitricity.

The simple and smart way to charge.

1. Plug in

The smart cable automatically authorises the charging process and unlocks the SimpleSocket.

2. Charge securely

With its mobile metering technology, the SmartCable precisely measures all charged volumes and securely transmits all related data to billing.

3. Receive bill

All charging activities are precisely measured, listed and summarised as a single statement.

Customized products: we have just the right solution for you.

Municipal energy suppliers, municipalities, corporate fleets and e-mobility pioniers already shaping the energy transition along with our solution.