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With a lot of experience and in exchange with its customers, ubitricity has developed convincing charging solutions that can always and easily be tailored to your individual requirements. How easily? Convince yourself now:

Open Charge Points: Easily accessible with your standard charging cable

Lamp post charge points, stand-alone poles, and wallboxes

The AC charging points from ubiCharge enable a fast, roll-out of charging infrastructure in public, semi-public, and commercial areas. The cost-efficient charging points can be installed quickly and easily in existing street lights, for example. The open charging points can be used in a customer-friendly manner via smartphone and standard charging cable. The ubiCharge operations platform offers an overview of all charging activities through OCPP and simplifies billing for charging events.

Mobile Metering: a key technology for electro mobility

Licenses and technology partnerships

Move the value creation from the charging station to the electric car with the mobile metering technology. ubitricity has freed the electricity meter from its position in the basement and made it mobile. Today you can find the mobile, calibrated electricity meter, for example, in the ubitricity SmartCable – and not still stationary in the charging station. The technology opens up new opportunities for EV value creation and even access to the energy market. In the future, this technology will help electric vehicles to be integrated into the smart grid as controllable storage devices.

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