Expand your EV infrastructure with lamp post charge points

Expand your EV infrastructure with lamp post charge points

Electromobility – an essential solution for achieving the global climate goals. But the transformation to e-mobility will only succeed if sufficient charging options are available for drivers. In this context, ubitricity recognised early on that charging an electric vehicle is not comparable to filling up an internal combustion engine car.
The idea of urban lamp post charging was born.

Discover the right lamp post charge point for your country

With our products specially tailored to individual countries, ubitricity meets all local requirements in order to be able to install a large number of charging points within a short time.

Charge point “Chelsea”

Fully integrated into the lamppost, fits for the UK and other countries.

Charge point “Heinz”

Developed for the German market and fully standard-compliant.

Charge point “Étoile”

Additionally equipped with a second socket for micro e-mobility.

Your city needs more than just lamp post charge points? No worry, as part of the Shell Group, ubitricity is able to offer charging solutions for every need, including all kinds of AC and DC charge points. Contact us and we’ll be happy to sort out the best solution for you.

The potentials of lamp post charging in detail

In order to better grasp the uniqueness and advantages of lamp post charging, it is necessary to address the needs of electric vehicle drivers, to analyse the infrastructure and the available charging concepts.

Needs of EV drivers in major cities
  • Charging option at home, at work and on the road
  • Easy access to charge points, especially for people without private parking spaces
  • Sufficient charging infrastructure to avoid waiting times
Outlook: How much public charging infrastructure is needed?
  • Strong increase in EVs in Europe (34 million EVs in 2030)
  • Expansion of bans for combustion engine cars in major cities
  • Strong expansion of urban charging infrastructure necessary

Advantages of AC charging in urban regions

Based on the needs of drivers and the analysis of the urban infrastructure, it is clear that cities will need significantly more public, quickly scalable and easily accessible charging stations in the near future. The so-called AC charging of EVs offers many advantages in this context.

Charging with alternating current (AC charging), often referred to as low-power charging, includes charging capacities between 3,7 kW to 50 kW. In everyday life, public AC charging offers enormous advantages, as…

EVs have long parking times, especially overnight.

40 to 60 percent of city residents do not have a private parking space.

the AC charging stations can be installed cost-efficiently and quickly.

Are you interested in our lamp post charge points?

Lamp post charging – the logical consequence

ubitricity combines the advantages of urban public AC-charging with the knowledge that, unlike fossil fuels, electricity is already available all around us – for example in urban lamp posts.

The transformation of lamp posts into charging stations benefits not only drivers, but also cities in particular.

Advantages of EV lamp post charging

For cities, authorities & municipalities

  • Space-saving, no extra street furniture
  • Quickly plannable & highly scalable
  • Fast installation
  • Low investment & operating costs
  • Fully standard-compliant
  • Grid-friendly
  • Simple to relocate if necessary

For EV drivers

  • Charging point for drivers without a private parking space
  • Charging while the EV is parked anyway
  • Usable with type 2 standard cable
  • Also accessible without subscription
  • Variety of payment options
  • Charging at illuminated spaces
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