ubitricity lamp post charge points for your country

ubitricity lamp post charge points for your country

Charge points for EVs are not only found at home, at work and at petrol stations, but also everywhere in public spaces. With ubitricity, it is now possible to charge electric vehicles at urban lamp posts.

Fully integrated or fixed to the column, the lamp post charge points by ubitricity allows city residents without a private parking space to charge easily with a standard type 2 cable in the immediate surrounding of their home.

Ready to install EV lamp post charge points in your city?

Possibilities for lamp post charging in your country

ubitricity wants to work with cities, authorities and municipalities all over Europe to make lamp post charging possible for every EV driver.

Currently, we are already active in the UK, in Germany and France and are also doing several pilot projects in Ireland, Switzerland and other countries. Please contact us to talk about the possibilities in your country and city.

Public EV charge points for urban residential areas

Charging at lamp posts in urban regions offers enormous potential, as 40 to 60 percent of drivers living in major UK cities do not have a private parking space and thus no possibility to charge conveniently at their doorstep overnight.

ubitricity’s lamp post charge point “Chelsea” closes this gap and enables a UK-wide expansion of charging infrastructure in public spaces, thus supporting the adoption of electric vehicles.

ubitricity lamp post charge points

  • uses existing infrastructure and keeps footpaths free
  • easy to use for all EV drivers
  • network-compatible
  • short planning, highly scalable & quick installation
  • easy to relocate if required (new cycle paths)
  • fully standardcompliant
  • low investment and operating costs

Implementation of lamp post charge points in your city

We want to keep the implementation for cities as easy as possible and offer flexible full-service solutions for the whole life-cycle of an ubitricity charge point.

Technical info of our charge point “Chelsea”, suitable for most European countries:

Charging capacitystandard max. 5kW (single-phase, 25 A)
Rated voltage230V
Charging modeMode 3
Communication protocolsOCPP v1.6 Core + communication protocol, Firmware over the air updates
Housingsuitable for poles with an inner diameter of > 110 mm in the base and > 67 mm in the shaft

Contact us and secure your advantages

Lamp post charge points by ubitricity:

  • Suitable for everyday use: ideal for charging when the car is parked anyway, for example overnight or during work
  • User-friendly: illuminated locations and quick, easy use
  • Grid-friendly: slow charging with low voltage not only relieves the power grid and avoids power peaks, but also protects the car battery and extends its service life
  • Resource-saving: low material consumption due to a compact solution and integration into existing street furniture – and thus also scalable area-wide and cost-effectively
  • Note: Unfortunately, the purchase of lamp post charge points by private individuals is not possible. As a private individual, please contact your city / municipality / district directly and feel free to draw the attention of those responsible to our solution.
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