• Turning street lights into charge points

    Innovative EV charging solutions for urban public spaces.

  • Expand your city’s EV infrastructure

    Full-service solutions for fast and easy roll-out.

  • Easy charging for every EV driver

    Simple handling and multiple payment methods.

Charging electric vehicles at lamp posts?

With ubitricity and in close cooperation with cities, districts and municipalities, this idea becomes a reality.
Get to know our unique approach and enable your city residents to conveniently charge their electric vehicles close to home. 

Advantages of lamp post charging at a glance:

  • Convenient charging option for city residents without a private parking space
  • Ideally suited for long parking times, for example overnight
  • Rapid expansion of charging infrastructure for cities possible without earthworks and without additional street furniture

public EV charge points installed

By integrating charge points into lamp posts, ubitricity supports cities, authorities and municipalities in the rapid expansion of public charging infrastructure. 

In the UK, ubitricity already operates more than 4,500 charging points, making it the provider of the largest public charging network in the country

Are you currently in an ongoing charging process and need help? Please see our FAQ or contact us directly.

The ubitricity approach: Electricity for Everyone, Everywhere 

Discover our lamp post charge points for your country

With our products specially tailored to individual countries, we meet all local requirements in order to be able to install a large number of charging points within a short time. 

Charge point „Chelsea“

Fully integrated into the lamppost, suitable for the UK and other countries.

Charge point „Heinz“

Developed for the German market and fully standard-compliant. 

Charge point „Étoile“

Additionally equipped with a second socket for micro e-mobility. 

Your city needs more than just lamp post charge points?
No worry, as part of the Shell Group, ubitricity is able to offer charging solutions for every need, including all kinds of AC and DC charge points. Contact us and we’ll be happy to sort out the best solution for you.

ubitricity news

ubitricity and Lightyear publish new whitepaper on e-mobility

What is needed to roll out EV charging infrastructure faster? Europe expects 84 million EV drivers by 2030 along with a raising demand for charge points. Read industry insights in the new white paper by Lightyear and ubitricity today.

Expand your charging infrastructure: full-service solutions from ubitricity

ubitricity is as a charge point operator (CPO) and offers a flexible full-service package that starts with the initial consultation about the possibilities in your city and extends throughout the entire life cycle of a charge point. 

Contact us or meet us

Are you interested in our innovative charging solutions?
Contact us or meet us at a trade fair or event near you.

ubitricity charge points in use

How to charge

Explore how ubitricity charge points make EV charging easy for everyone.

ubitricity charging network

We operate more then 4,000 charge points in the UK. Get to know our network and finde a charge point near you.

Start a pilot project with us

Starting a pilot project with us is the perfect way to kick off your transformation to e-mobility.

ubitricity is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO / IEC 27001

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